UniGreat is the project that aspires to bring students with similar disciplines but different University Departments together.


UniGreat aims to:

Provide students with complementary knowledge on their fields of study, that school does not offer,

Arm students with Soft Skills through competitive workshops,

Offer networking with other Unions and employers in Greece and Europe,

Support students in their dreams to become tomorrow Leaders,

Inspire students to innovate, and make their entrepreneurship dreams come true.


UniGreaters use words like “bridge”, “expand” and “connect” to realize our vision.


We encourage students to participate in our first team: Marketing – Mass Media and Communication (University of Athens – Athens University of Economics and Business – Panteion University).

If your University Department does not participate in UniGreat already, contact us!

We encourage relative companies to support our actions. So if you are a company representative, please fill the following contact form, and we will communicate with you as soon as possible!